Hi everyone! S.O.O.N. is the theme for today.

As you know, I have started a new *job* and I am quite rusty at this everyday going to work thang. Plus, I don’t even like my new job (as in hate it– and no, nobody at the workplace is privy my Blog, unless they can read minds) and so I am looking for a replacement job while getting my cleaning business (Green Vision) up and running again. Long story short, I have not been Blogging much. Don’t go away!

S.O.O.N. I will be posting some video I took on the train I was stranded on for over eight hours right off the coast of Gaviota. Fun stuff. Only I wish my phone had not run out of charge before I was able to capture the last four hours or so of absolute hellish waiting, which turned into a racous party of absurdist hilarity; people at the top of their game in terms of one-liners, fiendish abandon and laughing hysteria; children cut loose and teenagers getting drunk on Stone IPA (apparently they had all the cash), toilets filled to the brim and overflowing (uck!), and most of all, I failed to capture the oddest scene of all down in the dining car, but I will do my best to describe all of this with prose.

Also, my mother has been on me about the book club and so we will soon be starting that SOON as well…

For now, I invite y’all to comment with acronyms for S.O.O.N.

Powdered alcohol may be coming to a liquor store near you | The Verge

Powdered alcohol may be coming to a liquor store near you | The Verge.

About the job, by Celeste Goyer

About the job….yes. That fleeting moment of triumph when you get the job is then succeeded by the realization you actually have to do it on a daily basis.

((You’re fucking awesome, Celeste))

About the job

About the job

“Crows & Snow,” by Sprawl & Whittle

Evocative new song and video/ dance piece by Paul Sprawl and Leralee Whittle.

Two Women Repurpose Graffiti To Empower Women in Detroit – The Daily Beast

Fantastic and intriguing. I love projects like this.

Two Women Repurpose Graffiti To Empower Women in Detroit – The Daily Beast.

On the Third Day

One of the email conversations I had today, starting at 5 AM when I woke up totally frozen with dread of going to the new JOB on the third day…

Well, on this one I agree with Jeff. In practical terms, it’s MUCH more important for you to get back out into the workplace and back into the swing of a regular job, than to hold out for something that feels right. It’s essential to bear in mind that THE DEPARTMENT OF LABOR HAS FOUND THAT EMPLOYERS ARE FAR LESS LIKELY TO HIRE AN UNEMPLOYED PERSON THAN SOMEONE WHO ALREADY HAS A JOB. If you’re not working, you will have a much tougher time finding work! You need stuff on your resume, and you’re fortunate to have the opportunity to get on the path to your next job – hopefully, the job you want.

In more philosophical terms,of course we all wish we could do work that matches up with what we want and need, but few of us have that choice. It’s a small minority of people who consistently enjoy and find gratification in their jobs. And It’s the rare person who finds their ideal work right out of the gate – it takes time to get there. I’ve had plenty of jobs/gigs that I haven’t enjoyed, in fact that were tremendous stressors, but I knew I had to stay in the game – and I had to make money. You absolutely have to do both. Think of all the not-so-great jobs you’ve had, and think of how much better this one is.

It’s not like the Fogcatcher will be permanent or exclusive: You can/should keep looking for something that better suits you while holding down this position. That’s how the vast majority of people do it.Who knows how long it will take to find that “click” with a job…that open-ended search could go on for a very long time, and there’s no guarantee you’ll ever find the perfect gig.

Sorry for the lecture; I just hate to see you shoot yourself in the foot.

I can’t thank you enough for this morale-boosting email. I was so down in the dumps and not wanting to go back and face the day, but it turned out to be a much better day. I was paired with a woman (Erin) whom I really connected with, and who happens to be a laid off school teacher! (too bad, because these schools need teachers like this one!) She really knows how to TEACH, a rare gift these days. And wow, she didn’t give me time to think about anything but what we had in front of us to get done. She knew how to not overwhelm me with information but never have a lull either. So I found myself almost reeling with stuff to learn, but somehow able to soak it mostly in, because this chick knew how and when to have me DO the stuff, and when to jump in to help, and how to explain it clearly and succinctly. Rare gift, indeed!

I really like the GM James too, who unfortunately is being promoted and won’t be there for much longer, so they are going to hire a new GM (good thing James will be making the choice). The woman who is the Assist GM is the one who liked me and hired me, her name is Karen too (so now I go by “EK,” a name I took when I worked at a Pasadena restaurant eons ago, as a Hostess, and the other Hostess was a Karen)… I found that the identity change helped me to be one step removed from myself and so not take “me” so seriously. Interesting. Anyway, I like Karen but find her to be a bit moody and not as easy going as James. He is just this mild mannered Shrek kind of guy who is always calm under pressure. It is amazing how much one needs to learn to be a freaking desk clerk in a Hotel! Is that what you did and loved it? Pleeeeese, tell me what you loved about it!

Of course I like talking to guests who come in about the area, places to eat and what not, but I get rattled when I am trying to do one thing and the phone rings! I have to answer the phone in three rings and be able to take in all of that information while going on the computer while filtering out all the distractions going on around me. My ADD makes it VERY hard for me to filter, but it is probably good for my brain to do this “contrary action.”

And now here I am, just downed a Racer 5 in about 10 minutes. Going to go get a burger now. I need some beef.

BoP Bookclub Anyone?

I think I’ll just start a Bookclub on BoP. Anyone interested?

I came upon this book on Goodreads and thought I’d like to read both books– since I have never read “The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde” (Robert Louis Stevenson), I’d like to read that first, and then this new book, “Hyde,” by Daniel Levine. Any takers? I wonder how this could work online. Via comments? Well, I do know my mother is interested in doing a Bookclub, but that would be just the two of us. If anyone else wants to join, just comment to this post and we can do this as an experiment!

I will think about when to begin and when to meet back up here once I assess your responses, or lack thereof. My thought is to start next Thursday, which is the second Thursday of the month, and “meet” monthly via comments on the book/s.

Goodreads | Debut Author Snapshot: Daniel Levine (Author of Hyde) March, 2014.


On reading whole books

I’ve been thinking about reading lately. The fact is, I DO read, I just got out of the habit of sitting down with a book and reading it from cover to cover. The women I know who read whole books are members of a book club. I am sure my friend Randy reads all the time, because he always did, and most likely always will. I recall back in the eighties seeing him in the wee hours reading a book. He was an insomniac and read when he couldn’t sleep. I just lie there usually trying to sleep. Very rarely do I get up and read when I have insomnia. When I lived alone it would be more like getting up and making a piece of toast, or taking a bath, or something like that. Reading seems too stimulating and I just want to get back to sleep. The other day my mother said to me, “Karen, why don’t we start a book club. Just you and me.” That was a sweet thing to say. She had read my Blog about reading and this was a solution for her. But she’s already in a book club, as is my friend Glenna. I thought, that is probably the best solution, to join a book club. When I lived in NYC I read more than I ever did since. That’s because of the subways– I read a lot while traveling to and fro. Now we drive, drive, and drive. Glenna listens to books on tape when she drives long distances. Another good alternative, although it’s not the same as reading. And reading, as I do now, just flitting from topic to topic, gleaning a bit of news here, a bit of trivia there, is not really reading. 


Hi William

Hi William –
Pick up the phone, somebody
Two herons,
taking things for granted
The sun comes up, and…

Stream 1, Revised

I need to get away from the distractions. RESIST the distractions. Everything everyday is just too distracting for extended hours of study and contemplative thought. For long stretches of time in which to do nothing but tap into ones’ innermost well. Time is all we really have, and man, have I wasted a lot of it. Why do you think they call it “spending” time? Because mose of us do– we spend it, and frivolously. Today there are many ways the system wants us to engage ourselves.  Or may be it’s more like disengaging. Dysfunctional engagement. By the system I mean that which does a pretty good job of controlling us. Like when you are at a store and they ask you for you address or your email because they need to put you in the system. Or when their computers crash and nobody can function because the system is down. Well, may be this system is down, for the time being. May be you need to crash sometimes. Tune in and drop out? What ever happened to tuning in and dropping out? Instead, we have ended up (thanks to super genius hippies like Steve Jobs for inventing the i in I… compressing Id and Ego) dys-engaging.

We live in the time of Narcissus; we worship the God of our own (reflected) Image. My friend, a Psychologist, was telling me today that it is an epidemic, this Narcissism. Everyone is all so busy being wrapped up in their lives and careers, their own rat race…. and now on goes the T.V. News. No, this is for real, I live with my parents and they watch the T.V. every night without fail. My father with his Alzheimers really can’t do much of anything anymore, but he can watch the T.V. He sits mesmerized for hours by it. What the Hell is it about, this electronic purveyor of pictures? He can’t anymore, so he is excused from my rant, but who reads whole books anymore? (Well, okay, my mother tells me lots of people do). I haven’t in awhile, though I plan to start, some day, again. When did I stop? Around the time I joined Facebook? Started texting? Or was it before that? I don’t remember.

Who really tries to be a friend? But a precious few, that’s who. Most people are preoccupied, they are too busy, there is hardly enough time to eat let alone to call someone or go out to a movie. Here, I am in a town without a movie house. There is a stage theater, and there are a few places to go, and you see all the same people. I could go out tonight, after my walk on the beach. Perhaps it is me, afterall… one needs to just ‘show up’ in life. And in the end, we are all riding our own magic carpet alone, sharing the tapestry, or the matrix, but we each have our own singular square on which we ride through life. Sometimes we share our square, but mostly we’re riding solo. And bareback.