I know I’ve been MIA and just pressing stuff from other places where I happen to be, and I know I have not been a proper Blogger for a long time, in fact, I’ve eschewed those very oaths I originally created this here blog for– for one, the oath of keeping a daily writing practice. In fact, I have begun to journal again, in a real live paper journal, which is kept private and so I can write whatever the heck I want to without having to worry about offending anyone. This has been an ongoing problem, and hence challenge, with this online writing commitment. I sure as heck don’t want BoP to become just me heaping little spoonfuls of sugar into one lonesome cup of coffee (getting staler by the day) to become a sorry breakfast to everyone’s dismay. So I say, hey! I’m back, and there is much to tell, but most is to be kept a secret for now, so I’ll just be obtuse for awhile longer.
And with that, here is an arbitrary photo, because I do have a fondness for old brooms, and I love this picture.


24 pieces of life advice from Werner Herzog

And also, for those who have worked the pole in sex clubs…

24 pieces of life advice from Werner Herzog.

Second of Five: Sun Raaaaaa

Hmmm, something brought me here, some force of the unknown. I gave a black woman $5 today in the parking lot. She came to me with a story about family treachery, explaining how it was that she had become homeless. She said that she stays in a Hotel that allows her to pay by the day, and when I handed her the five she said that she’d been getting fives from everyone who paid attention. She told me it was a “boomerang” and that I’d be getting “five important things” back– and that I just needed to pay attention.

Dad Upstairs

On Thanksgiving day Dad decided on a whim to brave the U-shaped stairway up to his old bedroom and spacious “penthouse” bathroom. Julie (the dog) went up with dad, then Kathryn followed, then Ned. Marylyn came up after me, as I was recording the whole scene. I was especially taken by the silent (yet so heartbreakingly authentic!) communication between my dad and Julie, despite all the hub-bub, teariness, Ned’s banter, and my mother’s typical worried fussiness.

The Duke in His Domain, by Truman Capote

Because he was wearing a white T shirt and denim trousers, because of his squat gymnasium physique—the weight-lifter’s arms, the Charles Atlas chest (though an opened “Basic Writings of Sigmund Freud” was resting on it)—I took him for a stagehand. Or did until I looked closely at his face. It was as if a stranger’s head had been attached to the brawny body, as in certain counterfeit photographs. For this face was so very untough, superimposing, as it did, an almost angelic refinement and gentleness upon hard-jawed good looks: taut skin, a broad, high forehead, wide apart eyes, an aquiline nose, full lips with a relaxed, sensual expression.

The Duke in His Domain.

David Byrne – I Don’t Care about Contemporary Art Anymore?

David Byrne – I Don’t Care about Contemporary Art Anymore?.

“Women Are Being Driven Offline”: Feminist Anita Sarkeesian Terrorized for Critique of Video Games | Democracy Now!

"Women Are Being Driven Offline": Feminist Anita Sarkeesian Terrorized for Critique of Video Games | Democracy Now!.

“Just do right” –Maya Angelou

Thank you for this, Glenna!

Master Class By Oprah Winfrey Maya Angelou from Zeshan Farooqi on Vimeo.

Is rap poetry? Is rap even music…?

Why We Shouldnt Treat Rap As Poetry – The Awl.

I lifted a few of my favorite comments:

I’m still waiting for someone to speak the Iliad to me.

I’ve seen too many books where the apparatus takes up most of most of the pages. I’m just *waiting* for some smartass to write a new ancient book that is all apparatus.

i agree that this scenario is twisted, and in this case textuality is the problem, but who’s responsible for the bummy-ass idea that Poetry lives in a book?

Sigh. Let’s go over it again. “Performative” is not a fancy-ass synonym for “performed,” okay? Songs are not “performative.” They are “performed.” A marriage oath, a swearing-in ceremony, a priest’s blessing over the eucharist — something that effects a transformation by its utterance, is performative. Don’t try to sound like the half-wit academics you’re justifiably taking to task by referring to “rap’s performative aspects.”

Hummingbird Facts

So many things I never knew about the Hummingbird! What a miraculous creature this is! It is quite likely that the bird I caught had gone into a state of “torpor.” Perhaps the warmth from my hands actually did save its life!

Hummingbird Facts.