Why a leading professor of new media just banned technology use in class – The Washington Post

Why a leading professor of new media just banned technology use in class – The Washington Post.

Suzanne Bocanegra fills Danspace Project with Little Dot | Time Out New York

That’s great, especially for a space like St. Mark’s Church. Why did you choose dancers from New York Theatre Ballet?
I became really interested in New York Theatre Ballet because they are carrying on this tradition of Cecchetti. I read about him in Apollo’s Angels. He created this school and a very specific idea of how to train people in a particular kind of technique. I was fascinated by his rules. I started this piece with contemporary dancers who had a little bit of ballet training, and they did a beautiful job, but what I realized as I got deeper into this project was ballet dancers have this amazing training—the way they move their bodies even on the simplest step is fascinating to me. It’s a very rule-based discipline and contemporary dancers—they don’t go there. They use rules for whatever they need them for, but they are much freer in their interpretation, and I was thinking of ballerinas as thoroughbreds. Even though it’s one simple move, the way they do it has so much that they bring to it.

Suzanne Bocanegra fills Danspace Project with Little Dot | Time Out New York.

Dancing Seurat’s dots…

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Suzanne Bocanegra on Translating Paint to Performance from The Tang Museum on Vimeo.

Multiple Intelligence Theory: Howard Gardener

The field of education is finally coming around to real and significant change, thanks to reformers like Howard Gardener and his Multiple Intelligence Theory.

First Listen: Perfume Genius, Too Bright : NPR

Heard this today on my drive home. Reminiscent of Bowie, T Rex, lyrically sardonic, musically interesting, entertaining… wow!

There might not be a line this year that does its job better than his showstopping, “No family is safe when I sashay.”

First Listen: Perfume Genius, Too Bright : NPR.

Summer’s Almost Gone…

Fall is here, and it is my favorite season. The passing of summer is melancholy, and here is one of my favorite ‘end of the summer’ songs by the Doors. It perfectly captures that peculiar sense of melancholia. I found it on Utube along with this film footage that I think also perfectly captures the melancholia of those times. Film footage created by the band of themselves tripping their minds out — at the beach and the waterholes of So Cal.

It reminds me of the days we’d drive up to Ojai, up to the waterholes. My twin sister and I, with our best friend Jackie, chaperoned by our older sister, Theresa, and Jackie’s older sister, Sandy. We would usually go to Matilaja hot springs and a now defunct grouping of water holes called “Ojala.” Jeff tells me stories of how he’d camp up at an infamous “Punch Bowls” that I heard about at school and wanted sorely to be allowed to go to. It spans three areas: Cross Camp, Second Camp, and Jackson Hole, which at that time sported numerous waterholes and waterfalls. As lenient as they were, My parents never allowed us to go up there. They said it was because they didn’t want us ‘girls’ camping out with a bunch of boys. Many girls went though, and, looking back, it probably wouldn’t have made much difference in the ‘grand scheme of things.’Many of these natural springs in Ojai were so pristine back then that you didn’t even need to bring your own drinking water. People actually drank the water from those springs! Within a decade it all became trashed and polluted (I’m sure the revelers contributed to this). There would be a crowd up there, Jeff told me, and he was one of those guys who would go up there a lot.

I remember when an older classmate OD’d on heroin up at Punch Bowls, and that incident became legendary during our Jr. High School years. The 70′s was a time of excess and abandon, and viewing this Doors video in retrospect brings up many mixed feelings. The footage is in some ways disturbingly provincial and insular, and it brings back old Ventura memories that are lush, hypnotic, and filled with the kind of longing that we only ever feel when we are on the verge of becoming adults. And this is why I think this song resonates so deeply– summer encapsulates the mood of adolescence, and fall broods like a grown-up, telling us to stop playing and to come back in.

Homemade Saltines | STRESSCAKE

I have toyed with the idea of making saltines forever. I can’t imagine a better cracker for blue or brie or whatever, but the bought ones are too reminiscent of Campbell’s tomato soup for most people to understand how good they can be. Just ran across this recipe and when you read it you’ll be able to guess what my next kitchen adventure will be (no, not the part about the oysters)….. (Glenna Thompson)

something easy and unlikely … Homemade Saltines | STRESSCAKE.

Davey Jones Deli

Just watching this food commentary show on PBS and this came on… wow, looks heavenly!

Davey Jones Deli.

Three Sides of Ecuador – NYTimes.com

Thanks to Randy Blair for sending me this inspiring article!

Three Sides of Ecuador – NYTimes.com.


Explaining the smell of books | ScienceDump

I do love the smell of books. I wonder if it can be made into a fragrance line?


Explaining the smell of books | ScienceDump.